Our Vision

We are a provider of equipment intelligence IoT Solutions that optimize facilities, industrial processes, and field deployed machines.

FacilityConnex and our extended partners provide solutions for energy & sustainability, product waste, predictive reliability and compliance.


Machines under FCX watch today.


Analytics executions per day.


Energy savings per year.

Why work with us?

Fully capable

Our team has been in the industry for over 20 years. Our partner network covers over 20,000 suppliers and vendors.

Great client support

Our personalized attitude towards supporting our clients is second to none. At FacilityConnex, we provide around the clock support so that you can run your business worry-free.

Complex solutions

We identify areas of your equipment where we can improve efficiency, workflow, and slash energy costs - right out of the box.

Unique technologies

Our solutions are proprietary, industry leading tools that are trusted by many clients worldwide.

Flexible prices

No project is too small for FacilityConnex. Our team will work with you to provide the best sized solution for your company.

Top industry specialists

Our industry specialists have been developing in the IOT world for years. Rest assured, your equipment is in good hands.

What are you waiting for?

Experience the FacilityConnex difference today and start your business in the path of savings, efficiency, and peace of mind.