American Water

Company Overview

New Jersey American Water is your local water and wastewater company. Our lives revolve around water. It’s somehow involved in everything thing we do, everything we use. We are experts in water service and wastewater treatment. In New Jersey we serve approximately 2.5 million people, in 17 counties, supplying high quality water and wastewater service. We abide by regulations, invest in our vast infrastructure, develop industry innovations, educate our customers on wise water use, and help out where we can in our cities and towns.

Customer Success / Quote

FacilityConneX’s first installation of our IoT Solution for Smart Water. In 2016, FCX started remote monitoring and visualization in American Water New Jersey Division. This enabled American Water personnel who needed access to SCADA data but without gaining access or interrupting the operation center. Since than FacilityConneX has provided a knowledge-based analytic system provifing remote visualization, equipment and process analytics, intelligent notifications, and intelligent electronic data entry for remote data collection.