Smart Monitoring


Industry Leading IoT Solutions for Smart Asset Monitoring

Transforming Data into Knowledge requires an IoT Platform capable of advanced visualization, data transforming techniques, and intelligent notifications. These three key concepts are what makes up our IoT Solution. Our solution can take data from anywhere and transform it to user knowledge that is actionable.

Challenges for Energy & Facility Managers Today

1000s of Decisions Per Day

Energy and facility managers managers are under extremely limited time to solve daily reactionary issues.

No Capital

Capital replacement is often hard to justify for financing.

Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Goals

No real plan for obtaining current goals in relation to budget.

Deferred Maintenance

Difficult to prioritize and justify maintenance concerns.

Organizational Knowledge

Retirement and employee turnover leads to loss of equipment knowledge and efficiency.

Measurement and Verification

Manual, time consuming process for utility incentives.

FacilityConneX Smart Monitoring Solutions

Unparalleled Vision

FacilityConneX allows you to look deeper into your system in ways that provide opportunities for cost savings, operational efficiency, and to control maintenance at the touch of a button.

Measure, Detect, Optimize

Hundreds of off-the-shelf analytics targeting key equipment and processes in HVAC, chilled and hot water systems, and air quality.

Sustainability & Energy Waste

Self-customizable dashboards and view for facility and energy teams that provide actionable information for optimizing equipment for energy and emissions performance.

Integrate With All Systems

Over 200 protocols designed to work seamlessly to bring data and equipment knowledge in real time.

Experts At Your Fingertips

Let FacilityConneX's commissioning and energy experts guide you to the right set of actions.

Let The System Do The Talking

Thousands of equipment analyzed and prioritized in minutes anytime and from anywhere.

Let's make your asset-monitoring even smarter.

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